MOUNT TEN - pausing before
the next summit

Anyone who climbs mountains is familiar with this feeling: You have reached the top, and suddenly you see new breathtaking peaks, each one just waiting for you to climb next. In this sense every mountain is merely one step on your life path and each peak gives you the motivation to reach new and higher goals.
That’s exactly where we are now. We’ve climbed our tenth mountain aptly named Mount Ten. We have been on a journey the past ten years, accompanied by our many friends. At times this journey as been rocky, steep, full of surprises and other times level, but overall it has been wonderful and exciting. We plan on continuing along this path together, but before doing so we’ve taken the time for a short rest.
Why a rest? Because such a peak is the perfect opportunity to stop and look back at each passage taken on our maloja adventure. Looking back we would not want to change a thing. Would we go the same way again? Definitely.
How has this journey to the top of Mount Ten that we set out on in 2004 change us? Simply put: Our roots have grown stronger and our passion has grown deeper.
Our passion for the things we do and the people we do them for are what drives us. Whether it be climbing mountains or biking through the woods, we live for the outdoors, for the adventures shared with friends in nature. Such adventures are the perfect moments that everyone should have the chance to experience, which we want to continue to help make possible and further be a part of.

Are roots are in the Alps where we make our home. We have gone back to revisit our roots for Mount Ten, but this time making a new path. The reason being, we love a new adventure and the challenges it presents along the way.
So, onwards and upwards to the next mountaintop!

the way everything began

maloja is not just a name, it’s a way of life. It’s the feeling of wanting to share beautiful moments with friends to make them even more perfect. The desire never to give up being curious about the many things life still has in store for you. The understanding that it doesn’t take much to discover special things – merely enough courage to leave the beaten path and risk something new. This maloja-feeling is contained in one experience that has its hooks in us to this day. This is the way it all began …
We discovered it on the internet, a picture book image of powder snow. A snowboarder flying through the air, all around him nothing but soft powder snow and white mountain tops. A tiny title under the image: Maloja. That’s where it must have been taken. We’d never heard of the place before.

Still, we go there. On our last day of a week spent in the Engadin mountains, in that exceptional winter 2001. More than half a meter of new fallen snow – and we are in the middle of St. Moritz. But we are drawn to that unknown place called Maloja. A place where we do not even know if you can snowboard and ski. Many a good decision in life is not immediately disclosed as such. What luck that our curiosity was big enough.
Maloja is located 17km away from St. Moritz. And yes, the sleepy place offers perfect powder conditions: a steep slope, interspersed with pine trees, a perfect sugary blanket of snow covering everything, no tracks anywhere. But – where is the lift?

Happy bustle prevails when we discover the platter lift. The first excitement, though, is immediately followed by sudden disillusionment. The lift is standing still! But as we hesitantly start climbing the slope, a door creaks open and the lift warden looks out of his little shack. „Good to see you,“ he calls in his broad local dialect. „looks like it’s time to rev up the engine.“
What we experienced that day on the slope is history. The picture embossed in our memories is one of virgin snow, deep and soft beneath the pine trees, the feeling of pure joy of life and in our ears the cries of pure glee that echo from the hills. A perfect day with an old platter lift somewhere in the upper Engadin.
Maloja soon became a coined phrase in our circle of friends – equal to anything heartfelt, good and beautiful. If the food was good it tasted maloja. Whenever a peak, a trail or just a certain moment in time felt good, it was maloja.
But that experience at that simple platter lift also became the paragon for the value of going your own way. It doesn’t take much to create a perfect day. Just some courage, imagination and good friends. When we started in 2004 to create our own brand and start a company and give it its own unique mission we were able to draw back on these revelations. It seemed right to give the brand this name.

The „maloja“ way of life
propels us,
then and now

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