Environmental Standards

What environmental standards does Maloja stand by?

We made the conscious decision to partner with Swiss Bluesign Technologies AG in 2010 to meet our responsibility standard goals for the betterment of mankind and our environment.

bluesign® represents the highest standards in textile manufacturing in regards to environmental protection, working conditions and consumer protection. Approximately 75% of Maloja functional materials are certified bluesign®.

As an independent organization bluesign® system’s approach is to minimize the impact of production on the environment. Rather than basing the standard on the finished product, bluesign® tests and sets it’s standards on the raw unfinished materials and this is how they can guarantee exclusive usage of sustainable materials through the production chain. Furthermore the bluesign® approach focuses on minimizing the amount of resources needed for production that further leads to the reduction of water usage and air pollution. Wastewater treatment is also a focus to further reduce productions footprint on the environment.

The five bluesign® principals are:
• Resource Productivity
• Air Emission
• Occupational Health & Safety
• Water Emission
• Consumer Safety

For out more at www.bluesign.com

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a seal of quality awarded by independent testing institutions across multiple countries. An Oeko-Tex 100 label guarantees that every component of the article (including threads, buttons and other accessories) has been tested for harmful substances and is therefore harmless in human ecological terms. The test is conducted on the basis of the extensive OEKO-TEX® criteria catalogue. This sets limit values which go well beyond national and international standards. For more information, visit www.oekotex.com

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