respect and care for our natural environment


Being consciously responsible for what one does or does not do is not a trend to us, but rather something that goes without saying. Social responsibility, sustainability, workplace conditions, our environment and fair practices for our business partners have all been key factors integrated into Maloja's founding values.

'Soul in the woods' was the inspiration for our first collection and became a mantra for all that we do.

The desire to be filled with positive energies that time in nature provides is the basis of the inspiration and it motivates us to this day, to respect and care for our natural environment. The values of honesty, authenticity, respect and decency go hand in hand with "Soul in the woods .

Social Commitment

What social commitments does Maloja stand by?

Selection of Material

How does Maloja select and determine what material to use?

Code of Conduct

How does Maloja police its code of conduct?

Environmental Standards

What environmental standards does Maloja stand by?

Working Conditions

Under what conditions are Maloja products developed and produced?

Production Sites

Where do you produce Maloja Products?

Our Mantra

Simple and close to home

Regional Cooperation

What region specific cooperation does Maloja have in place?

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