The Leaf Hunt

In mid-October when the days in the Alps become shorter, the sun sits a bit lower and cobwebs float through the air, “Koharu“ (Little Spring), begins in Japan. Also referred to as “Indian Summer“ in Japan, this time is a prelude to a beautiful display of colour. Nature seems to rethink before the approaching winter and shows its beauty in all its splendour on the leaves of trees.

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How can one be so passionate about something that is physically exhausting? Passion is often impossible for an outsider to understand, but ingrained in the personality of the cyclist. If you have ever talked to someone who has cycled an alpine pass, you will have noticed how his or her eyes light up. Just talking about their experiences builds excitement, as they mentally relive the moments climbing towards the summit.

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In the fall/winter catalog we unite Japan and the alpine culture. Come along with us for fixed-gear races, leaf hunting, steep and deep powder days and the nordic ski trails of the far east.

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Lookbook W18/19

Have you ever wondered what fit or style combinations you can make with Maloja this winter? If so check out our entire winter collection photographed on our athletes, staff and friends.

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The new wallpapers

Of course, it is most beautiful outside. But sometimes do not call the mountains, but the office. So that you can also enjoy a nice view from the desk, we have put together a few screen backgrounds for you.

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Take a look at our
Munich flagship store

We feel most at home in the mountains, but for many of us the city is where we live. At our Flagship store in Munich you will find nearly all styles and colours from our current collection. Good coffee and friendly conversations await your visit and if your lucky, quite possibly a bike ride on the Isar.

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Maloja The Alpan Way



Maloja The Alpan Way

The Story behind the collection

Since our founding we have sought a new collection theme each year. The theme acts as a guideline for the overall collection aesthetic. All aspects of the collection must align included is sourcing materials, design of prints, colour selection and garment cuts. Above all the collection theme must always align with Maloja’s philosophy and values. Simply put, that is how we reinvent ourselves each year and remain true to our roots.

For millions of years, mountains have been in a constant state of change.

Motionless to the eye, mountains are moving and reshaping themselves. Ancient, rugged, battered by water and rain, and yet we find them inexplicably beautiful.

The image of a mountain opens ones heart, their countless imperfections make them perfect to us, each in their own unique way.

Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese term for imperfect beauty.

The aesthetics of this Zen Buddhism expression has been woven into the fabric of Maloja since our inception:

Attention to detail,

valuing the old, repurposed items,



A unique way of perceiving things is the essence of Wabi-Sabi. Simple, quiet, unpretentious things that radiate presence, authority and beauty, just like the mountains.

Surrendering to the natural cycle of birth and death, charting your own path through life, respecting nature and exuding passion, empathy and curiosity; this is what Maloja stands for and this is Wabi-Sabi.

Our current collection could easily be called Wabi-Sabi, but that would have limited what Maloja stands for. As a company that calls the Alps home we have found the mountain culture of Japan and the Japanese way of life an inspiration to us.





Maloja Alpan Way

The Alpan Way
Inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism.
Made for the mountains.





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