German National Ski Mountaineering Team (DAV)

Ski mountaineering and ski touring are definitely among the most physically demanding sports you can undertake in the mountains at all. Accordingly great is our respect for the athletes who practise this type of sport professionally.

In 2012 the leaders of the German national team ski mountaineering came to us. They asked us weather we at maloja could supply the ski mountaineering team of the German Alpine Association (DAV) with functional clothing.

That really was an exciting challenge for us. Together with the athletes we started to develop and produce products especially for ski mountaineering. For us it is still a great motivation to continuously optimise the clothing in constant communication with the athletes and to continually improve their functionality. This naturally has advantages for both sides. For the team of ski mountaineers that get equipment that is tailored to their requirements and our collection is complemented by functional clothing that is co-developed and tested by professional athletes each year.

In addition our professionals get a maloja streetwear outfit to feel good on journeys or events and to get noticed uniformly as a team.

We are impressed by the sporting passion of the team athletes and look forward to this valuable cooperation. But especially the enthusiasm for the Alpine environment.

Thus we feel at home in the mountains, too.

  The ski mountaineering team  

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About a tough type of sport with high addictive factor

The legs burn and the heart pumps with 190 beats per minute. In the mouth the taste of iron. The lungs fight for every last gasp of oxygen and the head runs on autopilot. Where is the comfort zone? It is somewhere in another galaxy. On this planet sweat and lactic acid determine the climate.

Ski mountaineering races are uncompromising and not for the unprepared. Because here the alpinist is asked to undertake: Steep ascents, climbing passages, rough descents - often four-digit altitude and freezing temperatures. They bring athletes and their equipment to the extreme limits of endurance. To survive here, you need a large dose of masochism: With the capacity to overcome suffering and extreme endurance.

But between burnout and absolute happiness is a fine line and those who know how to balance it will understand the addictive potential of competition ski mountaineering: The race against time, the enemy, forces of nature and always against yourself. What is reward for this? If everything is correct, a place on the podium – but for eveyone the most intense experiences on the mountain.

And the virus is spreading more and more: Meanwhile, in addition to the top athletes always more ambitious amateur athletes compete on the demanding tracks of classics like Trofeo Mezzalama, Pierra Menta or the Patrouille des Glaciers race. The number of races is constantly increasing and the media carry the sport increasingly into the domestic living rooms.

Up to 300,000 vertical meters a year - on skis, on foot or by bicycle: For average athletes an unimaginable number, for the members of the DAV National Ski Mountaineering team a normal training routine. A stint which can be mastered only if one burns for his sport like the legs after a long day of training. Your passion for the mountains, countless liters of sweat and talent have brought our athletes at the top. Their achievements and successes impress and fascinate us alike and we pay homage to a great sport that has given us countless moments of happiness

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