maloja Flagship Stores


Munich, Germany

The Maloja Flagship store located on Amalienstrasse in Munich is our premiere location and provides the best representation our DIY attitude. In cooperation with our painter Guggi, carpenter Toni, the Munich sales team and our in-house design team, over the course of three days the shop was completely flipped and re-designed in our signature Maloja style.

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Freiburg, Germany

Bicycles are one of the most popular means of transport in Freiburg, directly behind the city rises the Feldberg and the Swiss Alps are not far away either. When Claudia and Matthias Pfeil approached us with their idea of opening a Maloja flagship store in Freiburg, not much convincing was needed - the two convinced us with their concept, the location and of course their passion for the brand.

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Oberstdorf, Germany

The Maloja store in Obertsdorf is located in one of the oldest buildings of the town. Built around 1400 it was at that time the local bathhouse. Through the centuries the building has played home to many different trades. A tannery, bakery and schnapps store were storefronts the building housed over the years.

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berg - loft

Wiesbaden, Germany

It was just a matter of time. Jan, a trained technician and passionate cyclist, and Andrea, who’s career was formed in the financial sector, both desired to open a Maloja store in Wiesbaden dating back to early 2013 at a time not yet ripe for opportunity.

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Innsbruck, Austria

A single product; an intended use or specified target group does not define Maloja, Maloja is the embodiment of life. If you have dropped in and navigated a challenging trail for the first time, managed to claim first tracks on a powder day or rewarded yourself with an ice-cold beer after an excruciating tour then what you have experienced is quite simply, Maloja.

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Mountain Road Outfitters

Stowe (VT), USA

Stowe, located in the state of Vermont is a perfect fit for Maloja as it is a renowned summer and winter resort sport destination. Making it all the more fitting is Stowes ability to draw in summer mountain biking, Nordic winter sport and alpine ski touring enthusiasts.

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Seoul, South Korea

The thought never crossed our mind that the largest Maloja store would one day be located in Seoul Korea. Our South Korean partners, brothers Dohoon and Doyub Kim pitched the idea for the store and we happily agreed to their project.

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Aschau i. Ch., Germany

At Maloja every person counts, so when our former team rider Stefan Kink asked if he could sell Maloja products online back in 2008 the answer was. “Yeah, why not?”.“

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