Our Mantra

Simple and close to home

Maloja is built upon sports that take place outdoors in nature. Our staff loves to be out in nature and because of this we repurposed a farmhouse as our corporate headquarters, surrounded by beautiful pastures, meadows and woodland. Connecting an office environment with nature keeps our design senses in-tune with the natural world.

A key to everything we do at Maloja is finding the simplest means possible to achieving a desired outcome. First we look to what we already have to work with or what can be repurposed and this is why most of what we have at the office has a unique story. Many of our office equipment, chairs, and shelves have been sourced from local flea markets. The desks we use are made from the original farmhouse floor in which we work today. Our first POS material was made from wood collected from the local forest floor by our CEO Peter Räuber and his sons. Finally there is our trade show booth that is made from wood reclaimed from an old barn. We have built up our trade show booth more than 20 times over the past years and it has been awarded “Best Show Booth” many times over. If you happen to visit our booth at a show, do look closely and you will find chalk inscriptions from our staff member Regina that date back to her childhood as the barn was a part of her parents farm.

Finding solutions close to home are just as important as the simplest means possible. Whenever we can, we cooperate with local companies as often as possible. A testament to this is our choice of a local carpenter over a professional exhibition booth designer and a local printer for our catalogues and imagery over an online provider located far away.

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