Working Conditions

Under what conditions are Maloja products developed and produced?

Under what conditions are Maloja products developed and produced?

Each day our employees spend a lot of time working at our office and this is why we believe that a warm, welcoming atmosphere is imperative. The values we place on our work environment are as follows.
• Honesty, decency, respect and appreciation of our employees and partners
• A healthy work-life balance
• An environment you would enjoy spending your day in

These values are not only applicable to our headquarters in Germany, but also for our subsidiary company VioModa in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In Bulgaria we have created working conditions that over 200 employees hold in high regard, a work environment that utilizes the most modern textile machinery and upholds high social standards. The goal in mind has always been to incorporate people from the surrounding rural areas and reduce commuting distances and therefore we have built two more production facilities located in Kritschim and Tischirpan, Bulgaria..



With production facilities aside from our own it is equally important that we secure fair salaries and ensure safe working conditions. To achieve this we have our own code of conduct that is based on the UN and ILO (International Labour Organizations) regulations through which our aim is to instill high environmental and social working standards.
The code is based on the following:
• Implementation of social standards
• Prohibition of child labor
• Free choice to work; no forced labor
• Salaries that cover the full costs of local living
• A set maximum amount of hours per week
• A least one free day a week
• Safe and healthy working conditions
• Legally binding working conditions
• Prohibition of discriminator acts

Any manufacturer, supplier, or subsidiary company of Maloja is obliged to adhere to our code of conduct.

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