Hello there,
My name is Verena. And I am a true Tyrolean. I grew up on a farm in Tyrol with my three older brothers. We had lots of animals and I even had my very own Shetland pony. I spent all the time I could outdoors. I loved to ride my pony out in the woods, on self-made courses. My brothers and I helped out a lot on our farm, and spent a ton of time in the mountains.
I bought my first bike when I was 17. When I was 18, I dreamt of participating in the legendary Garda bike marathon. Biking evolved into a passion of mine, a love and pure enjoyment of being active outdoors. I entered a few amateur competitions and just rode my bike for fun. I took a pretty long break from biking. I got a job, built my dream home and had my daughter. I spent little to no time riding during that time, but did a lot of ski mountaineering. Six years ago, I caught the bike virus again. My partner Stephan supported me and motivated my dream. It was only a matter of time before I entered my first bike marathon.
It was so amazing to fly up the mountains again. After I had a few victories in local races, I really caught the racing fever. Pushing yourself to your personal limit, to feel it and sometimes to cross over that line is an experience that can reveal a lot about yourself and something that everyone should experience.
Unfortunately, training poses a time issue. I have to juggle my daughter, my job and my home. Because of this it makes me even more proud of myself for winning two national titles in mountain bike marathon and the Austrian Championship in ski mountaineering. I’m also very proud to be a part of the Maloja family. I smile every time I wear Maloja. The clothes really reflect my idea of sports. They show loads of fun, respect and to experience nature to it’s full potential.
Yours truly, Reni

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