My name is Tom Öhler, and I was born in Austria in 1983. I am the son of a motorsport enthusiast. I was very young when I started try out 2 wheel and 4 wheel vehicles. I began with a pedal tractor, followed by a tricycle and then quickly moved up to a Yamaha PW80 MiniCross. At age 10, it was time for the next step: a trial machine. At the time I had no idea you could trial on a bicycle. When I was 12 years old I started to fuel my bike career. Starting with a 20” bike, then soon switched to a 26”. I was successful. I was the European Champion, Vice World Champion, European Cup Champion, 5x Austrian National Champion and, most recently, Bike Trail World Champion 2008!
Since 2009, I’ve participated in more shows. I’ve been in Austria, Turkey and even the USA. My bike takes me everywhere, and that’s awesome! Aside from my trial career, you can also find me at Mountain bike meets. Ever since I moved to Innsbruck, I feel the need to be in the mountains. There are so many beautiful trails; you just can’t help but to get out there on a bike! I’ll be in more Mountain Bike projects in the years to come and I’m really looking forward to it.
When winter hits, I’m still crazy about the mountains. I like to do ski mountaineering to stay in shape. But I won’t deny that the most fun is in the soft and fluffy powder.
I am really proud and happy to have been a part of the Maloja family for over 5 years now. I hope to pass on some Maloja soul to the Austrians!
I wish you the best of fun in the mountains,

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