Hello everyone,

I am Thomas Pechhacker from Austria and my biggest passion is Bike Trial. My motivation is the freedom that a bike gives you when moving over different terrain and the opportunity to attempt whatever might come to mind, ultimately that is what pushes me again and again.

My entire family is very enthusiastic by any kind of off-road sports. It was my father who sparked the love for trial sports in my brothers and I and from childhood on I tried everything that had two wheels.

From an early age I was travelling a lot for national and international competitions and events. The first successes happened early on when I took my first title as state champion.
As a junior I became vice world champion at the World Cup in South Africa. During that time I counted myself in as one of the “Big Boys“ and I began competing in the elite class.
Currently I am ranked number five in the world with my best world cup result being second place in Albertville in 2015.

Apart form the competitions I love it to travelling anywhere with my bike. I am always searching for new adventures and preferably in the mountains!

Keep well,

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