Lena Putz

Hi everyone,

First off let’s focus on some of my weaknesses, those being creamy cappuccino, biking and biathlon ;)
Sports have always fascinated me and it started when I was a kid, with tennis, skiing and cross-country skiing. Mountain biking and biathlon are the ones that stuck and would have guessed that they would be my job one day.
I have seen quite a bit in my time. From successes such as vice world champion, several German national titles, training as a sports soldier in the German army and recovering from many injuries. Everything that has happened has impacted and directed my entire life.
During the initial phase of my professional career I was just focused on achieving any wins, however over the past few years, I have begun to take to heart my coaches motto, “Be a clever human, be honest and diligent, and then you will be successful“. That’s right!
Until now none of moments in my life have been as enjoyable as things are now. I’m pursuing two amazing sports, biathlon and mountain biking as professional and together with my friends. It is a dream come true and I put everything into this.
I want to keep on growing both personally and professionally as an athlete. I’m very thankful, for this opportunity, that I know many people will never be able to experience.
maloja is simply a positive feeling for me. The spirit from Rimsting Bach 1 impresses me deeply.
No matter what, I always strive for honesty and as the saying goes. “If you do something, do it right!“.

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