Greetings from the North of Germany, ,
My name is Jasper and I am currently living in the flatlands of Hannover. I grew up in Holzkirchen, Bavaria. But unfortunately, I had to move. I’ve been riding since 2007, which means my first experiences as a rider were without hills because of where I live. Since 2008, I have been an enthusiastic participant in downhill races. Years of mountain biking really helped me to rediscover my love for mountains. My friends in Hannover have been a huge support; they helped me finance all my long trips. And because of their help, I’ve become a successful bike racer. In 2013, I participated in my first World Cup and now I am a proud member of the German downhill racing team. However, those same friends that were always there for me, helped me to never forget my love for riding where there are no streamers and sidelines. I love being outdoors in the fresh air.
I am currently studying Business Administration, specializing in management. I try to spend the winter months in the Canary Islands, on La Palma as a mountain bike guide with my team partner Daniel Schaefer. During the biking season, I almost exclusively run downhill races. I also teach at the Mountain Biking Academy, which is great because I really enjoy showing new riders how attractive the sport can be. I love to share my passion with as many people as possible.
I’ve known Maloja since the beginning of my Mountain Bike career. Friends of mine were acquainted with Daniel Schaefer and were already big fans of Maloja. Ever since then it has always been my dream to live the Maloja way and communicate it as a team rider. I am really looking forward to spending the new season with Maloja once again.
Yours truly,
JJ (Jasper Jauch)

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