Hey everyone,
My name is Guido and I was born and raised in the south of Germany in a place called Allgäu. You could say that I was a born biker. My father was a very passionate Motocross rider. I spent so many weekends cheering him on at the racetrack. It wasn’t long before I got my first BMX bike. I am so proud to say that my dad welded it from an old broken frame.
At the age of seven, I began competing at official BMX races. I never wanted to be a professional rider. So I decided to become a plumbing apprentice. After that, I went to the Army, where I became a helicopter pilot. In 1997, I participated in the German Dual Championships just for fun, but was surprised when I won. Again, the same thing happened in the Garda-Lake night sprint. I made the decision to develop my talent, so I started to participate in national and international Championships and World Cups.
In 2000, I officially became a professional. Today I race in Downhill and Freeride, but mainly in Bike-Cross. My biggest achievements are my victory at the 4Cross World cup in Fort William, the 3rd and 4th place in the World cup overall, and 11th place at the Red Bull Rampage. Recently I received bronze medals and the European Championships in Stolberg and the World Championships in New Zealand.
Aside from the sport of Mountain Biking, I have another passion. I love to design and shape Mountain Bike tracks. Under a bridge, near Allgäu, I dug and shaped my own racetrack. The bridge provides shelter so I can train in any weather. Two years ago, I wanted to give the same possibilities to passionate bikers that did not have the means to build their own tracks. The Backyard Digger Tour was born and is now successfully organized by Red Bull.
I’ve been with Maloja since the beginning. I love the attitude and the friendship that is associated with this brand. I hope that the soul in the woods will continue to accompany me for many years to come.
Stay true to yourself and live everyday as if it were your last.
Yours truly,
Guido Tschugg

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