Hello there,
My name is Dan and I was born in Munich. Six months after I was born, my parents and I moved to the countryside because they found the city to be too hectic (something that I can now understand). I’ve been living here in Chiemgau since 1980/81. I truly enjoy the remoteness of where I live. I really appreciate it especially since I don’t get the chance to be home very often. If I ever have the opportunity to spend time at home I love to be on my bike.
In 2001, I was living on the Island of La Palma, Spain. I had just quit my job as a Communications Electrician and I decided to turn my cycling hobby into a profession. I had just finished a five month sojourn as a bike guide on the island and had reached my decision to take a risk and live my dream.
This wasn’t the first time I had lost myself to bike riding. Before that, I had started with the amateur Bavarian CC and juvenile championship. After that, marathons, dual slalom, downhill and Freeride. And believe me, that’s only the beginning. I’ve always had so much fun while biking, that’s what really matters to me. Becoming a professional was not always my intention, I’ve made my living as a guide in South Tyrol, all the way to Canada as a technical riding coach. I love helping others be successful.
Throughout the year I work internationally as a photo and film rider for many various web and print media. In the winter, I run my own company in La Palma ( I feel honored to be a member of the Maloja Family. They have great values towards life that are dear to me. I look forward to the future, but never forget the past.
Keep smiling, and ride on!
Daniel Schaefer

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