A brief history into the beginning of my cycling career.
It all started when I ransacked my savings account at the bank in Munich, an hour later I bought a yellow and blue Martinello racing bike, I just had to have it. We fell in love, which led to me losing lots of skin, but I still can’t get enough of it.
What Maloja has done in the past ten years and how much they have grown is amazing to me. Peter and Klaus have done an outstanding job. They knew what they wanted and went for it. I now lead a team of young athletes and when I’m not teaching them the basics of bike riding, I try to show them that success requires you to be loyal to yourself.
I have been leading our racing sport team for five years now. It’s growing steadily, and since April 2014, we have grown closer to the Maloja family. The real challenge is not to be successful with the top athletes, but to be able to acknowledge and recognize the young talent to maintain success. To me, cycling is not a job. It’s about getting on the bike, going out and exploring new terrain. It’s about falling down, then getting right back up and meeting the goals that you set for yourself.
Maloja has recently added pushbikers to their family. I am extremely proud to introduce this as a more laid back version of the classic racing sport.
I look forward to seeing you out on the road! – Your Grasi

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