Howdy Folks,

My name is Angie, I come from a beautiful place in Austria, called Kärnten. I’ve been riding my bicycle for as long as I can remember. At our house, biking was always a given. And our location just made it so much better.  

After I finished my vocational education in Tourism at the school in Pinzgau, I was longing to go back home. There, I worked as a ski and snowboard instructor. At the time, I was still involved in cross-country ski competitions. I eventually grew tired of that and was on the lookout for a new challenge. That is how I came across the World Cup 2003 in Caprun. That was where I met Team Bikeman, a sponsor who helped me to launch a new career. I then moved to Sauerland to begin my downhill riding career.  

In 2004 and 2005, I entered many national and international races. For the most part they were downhill races, but I started to enter more 4X & Free ride competitions. My highlights include the state championship in the 4X competition, 2008. I also received 4th place in the 4X World Cup in 2008 in Schladming.  

Spring and summer was always a very busy time. I was participating in national competitions in Austria and Germany, as well as World Cups in other parts of Europe (Slovenia, Scotland, etc.) and even Canada. However, during the off-season I would always go home. My father owned a tire shop, which was being managed by my brother. I helped out in the office and the shop to earn some money for the next bike season. I rarely enter competitions anymore, my goal is to ride my bike and inspire other riders. It’s my turn to share my love for riding and to bring others the same spirit and passion. I now have more time to travel, go on photography trips, and to be more available for my sponsors. My sponsors never pressure me to do anything that I don’t want to do. I am truly grateful that they trust me and give me the opportunity to live my dream.  

Maloja; I remember the first time I saw their booth at the Eurobike trade show. It was shaped like an igloo. From that day forward I was crazy about their style and range of clothing. Over the years my enthusiasm and my love for Maloja has only grown. I love being in nature. I enjoy the quiet, the mountains, lakes and rivers. I am fascinated by everything when the seasons change. You can always discover new and beautiful things in nature, and that is the thing that fascinates me about Maloja. Maloja doesn’t just sponsor me, they support me and allow me to truly live and experience my sport to it’s full potential. I am extremely happy to be a part of their family and to share my passion with many others.

Luv ya,

Bye, Angie

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