A new era

In the 1970s a group of young men from the USA who were in Gary Fisher’s inner circle collected old bicycles at the dump, fixed them up and raced across the dirt tracks and trails of their home state California. They were a little crazy, always looking for something new and loved nothing more than riding their bikes, which surmounted to the them unknowingly becoming bicycle pioneers.

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Indigo - Pushbikers Team Design 2017

We could hear the rumors building throughout the bike community. Many were asking what will the Pushbikers come up with next? From the past the community anticipated bizarre and abstract design concepts, yet no one expected the Maloja Pushbikers to present a minimalist design concept.

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Beyond The Mountains - The story

Is it because we are closer to the limits of the sky, or due to the elemental forces that created the mountains millions of years ago? Possibly it is the feeling of freedom created by the breathtaking views atop of the world. Whatever the reason may be, the power of mountains is forever present. Their power is addictive, contagious and they leave you feeling fulfilled as their energy stretches far beyond the mountains themselves.

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Tie Dye

We set out to create our own Batik (Tie Dye) colors and patterns for the Beyond the Mountains collection and to do so we turned our backyard patio into a color lab. The colors of the 1970‘s sparked our interest and we combined today’s technology through a collaboration of craftsmanship and computers. For all of us it was an exciting and challenging new approach to designing a print pattern.

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Three Passes | Three Regions

A look at the fascination for mountain passes - Monte Grappa | Gotthard Pass | Sella Ronda.

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Gorge de Verdon

The rocks of Verdon are simply the best limestone and for many it’s the perfect rock. A must visit for climbers, you need to have been there to understand, to have touched the wall, climbed the legendary gorge and felt the power emanating from the mountains.

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Tie Dye at Maloja

With 40 people ready to tie-dye we needed the weather to cooperate and we were blessed with a beautiful day to take our crafts outdoors.

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Time travel with friends

Leave your workday behind and take a trip with us to a place where time comes to a stand still. A place away from the crowds and where nature remains untouched. We set off on a short bike-packing trip together with friends and for this reason alone it was already perfect.

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Pushbikers race kit development

Likened to a fine wine a good product, like the new Pushbikers line, takes time to reach maturity. It took three years to develop the new high-end line for road biker, Christian Grasmann, the maloja Pushbikers Team founder and leader, and for the maloja development team to be satisfied. The result is an eight-piece line, which is nothing short of remarkable.

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Four intense days at the world's biggest sports fair are behind us. Days, which once again showed us how nice it is to get together - and the importance of personal talks.

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Chiemgau Team Trophy 2017

Beginning of this year we took part at the Chiemgau Team Trophy for the third time already. 555 participants had made their way to Inzell to run or skate the 45 km to Reit im Winkl in fantastic weather. Even if only 475 arrived the finish line, the enthusiasm for the event and cross-country skiing was noticeable everywhere. To be on the track with so many like-minded people is simply always nice.

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Back when Viktor Sedlacek founded the Grande Hotel de l’Europe more than a hundred years ago, he would not have been able to imagine the following: Tom Oehler, trialbike legend, elegantly jumping over the reception front desk while having his photo taken by photographer Armin Walcher working with a Leica medium format camera. Obviously, times are changing.

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Tour de Eurobike

So, there we have it! Wasted, but happy and intact after our arrival at our final destination from our "Tour de Eurobike" road trip. All in all it was truly everything more than one could imagine from such a trip, nothing short of the full monty, "Joy and pain. Sunshine and rain."

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