Marching Band,

Moop Mama

No looped beats, no samples, no electronic instruments!

Seven brass / Two drummers / One MC / Can be played anywhere / Brutally loud / Super quiet

Moop Mama – For all those who do not know the name, we are a marching band, just as they say in one of their songs from the sensational debut album „Deine Mutter“. Comprised of 10 people (7 brass, 2 drummers and a singer) they are an absolutely novel mixture of Brass, Hip Hop, and German Rap, confusing the senses and leaving recipients completely speechless. Eluding impossible musical tasks that not even the thickheaded “rock police” cannot begin to comprehend. The purity and complexity of the music has an affect that will unite everyone from the German teacher to the sweaty punk rocker.

Keno, the singer/rapper, manages a thin line between politically charged lyrics and twisted interpersonal ties that bind humanity, all without resorting to the propaganda of the self-service revolution. Cinema at its most engaging, full of adventure and love!

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