Singer & Songwriter

Homesick Astronauts


I’m Benjamin, born in Hamburg, singer & songwriter of the band Homesick Astronauts. I discovered music for myself very early on. As a toddler I was lulled to sleep with records out of my father’s huge vinyl collection. I discovered playing the guitar early and already at the age of 12 I wrote my first songs.

Since 1997 I have been making music in bands and some of my fellow musicians I have known from the very beginning. I first studied teaching and later Political Science in Hamburg and alongside making music I worked in film and a news magazine. For a long time I worked in my friend’s surf and snowboard shop which had a special impact on me. More and more I feel an urge to go skiing in the mountains, but as I come from the north of Germany I have a special relation to the sea and any seaside sports. From windsurfing to kite surfing and even sailing from the time during my civilian service when I bought an old” Hobie Cat” catamaran together with a friend. Good times!

I lived in Australia for a long time and through surfing I discovered some new musical influences. Australia is where my idea for an Indie Pop project was born, which was published in the following year under the band’s name Homesick Astronauts.

At the beginning the band was composed of our keyboarder and me. During our years we have gravitated towards being more and more performers, which can be seen in our inclusion of a brass section at some of our concerts.

Our first EP „Rocket Science“(2010) and especially the single „Shine On Me“, was released on several compilations and we were played on numerous radio station. On the German Mainstream Airplay Charts the song reached 47 and that marked our first official success. Thereupon the band’s sound developed more and more towards Indie Folk and the result was our LP „What´s Left Is Ours“(2014).

Currently I am working on new songs and I am very excited about where the musical journey is going. I enjoy being together with my family and friends, making music and to experience the feeling that my music can have on others. Maloja and the music I create are familiar in feeling and values and I am happy being a part of them both.

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