Where the mountains are

- Laya -
summer 2020

In the Himalayas, between Tibet and India, there is a country devoted to happiness: Bhutan. At the foot of the highest mountains of this „kingdom in the sky“ is the village of Laya. There lives a people of yak nomads, who have preserved their own way of life and clothing style until today.

The collection „Laya – Where the Mountains Are“ is inspired by this mountain folk. Furthermore it is about Bhutan, a country where everything revolves around the happiness and contentment of its people. At some point in the 1970’s the fourth king stated that for his country it is not the Gross National Product that counts, but the Gross National Happiness.

When we took a closer look, it wasn’t just the approach to the „Gross National Happiness“ that fascinated us, but the land and its people with their multitude of traditions. Our involvement with Bhutan and their pursuit of happiness also initiated a very important process for us, one of reflection: What is happiness (to us)? What does it mean to be satisfied with what we have? And, what is this life all about?

We discovered that happiness and satisfaction are very much separate „states of being”. Additionally, each one of us experiences them differently and we all have a unique path to reaching them. Often such moments are brief, but one thing is certain, most can agree that life is at its best when we feel happy and satisfied.

On that note, live, love, laugh, be kind to one another and let us enjoy this life together.

We wish you a happy and satisfied life spent in the moment.

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