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A new year brings a new story. This is how we have been doing it since the start of Maloja back in 2004. Since then fourteen completely different collections have been created from a variety of worldly themes. Season fifteen “Dialas” is just as special and a reason to go into some detail.

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Stay Dry

GORE-TEX with PACLITE technology has taken a seemingly permanent position in the field of functional gear. It’s used whenever reliable protection against wind and weather need to be combined with lightweight and small packing dimensions.

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Developed with our athletes. Made for everyone.

Function is essential to us when we develop new products, the same goes for style.  Maloja designer and developer Niculin Pitsch on product development together with professional athletes.

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Round Two

Starting this winter, for the first time we are using exclusively a new stretch material that is made completely from recycled raw materials. Textile engineer and Maloja head of production Sven Köhler tells us the story behind.

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Boundless Seamless Technology

Seldom has a technique fascinated us as much as seamless technology. The goal is to design a garment with minimal seam usage, that feels like a second skin and that can be worn for running, cycling, yoga or in the gym. Seamless technology has opened up new design perspectives for us.

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Lasercutting & Ultrasonic Seams

The ski mountaineering race suit and the maloja Pushbikers road cycling collection were released last year, thus setting the bar high for any new maloja race wear. To further push our benchmarks we were inspired this season to develop the cross-country race suit.

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Indigo - Pushbikers Team Design 2017

We could hear the rumors building throughout the bike community. Many were asking what will the Pushbikers come up with next? From the past the community anticipated bizarre and abstract design concepts, yet no one expected the Maloja Pushbikers to present a minimalist design concept.

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Tie Dye

We set out to create our own Batik (Tie Dye) colors and patterns for the Beyond the Mountains collection and to do so we turned our backyard patio into a color lab. The colors of the 1970‘s sparked our interest and we combined today’s technology through a collaboration of craftsmanship and computers. For all of us it was an exciting and challenging new approach to designing a print pattern.

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Pushbikers race kit development

Likened to a fine wine a good product, like the new Pushbikers line, takes time to reach maturity. It took three years to develop the new high-end line for road biker, Christian Grasmann, the maloja Pushbikers Team founder and leader, and for the maloja development team to be satisfied. The result is an eight-piece line, which is nothing short of remarkable.

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