Hello everybody!

I'm Vanessa but you can just call me Vani. This name has naturalized in the last few years and stands mostly under my starting number. :-)

I grew up and still live in the beautiful old county Wasserburg am Inn. The sport has shaped me since my early childhood - even I can remember my first ski race only thanks to photos: As a three-year-old I skipped down a slalom course. Being wild and fast, that has always been my motto. Unfortunately my activities often ended up in the hospital – suturing wounds or with a concussion.

At the age of eleven I started with athletics. Thus my time as a competitive sportswoman started. Seven years of intensive training with many ups and downs followed.

Biking has always been fun to me but only to the next ice cream parlour or to the lake. It was more by chance that I came to mountain biking with about 25 years: There was need, so I stepped in a team of two at a 24-hour race purely of fun. Without training and with a meagre bike it ran surprisingly well and somehow I licked blood. Many other races followed. The training plan got more and more detailed, the distances became from time to time longer and the bike always better.

I'm finally stuck with the 12- and 24-hour-distance. I am very proud of my podium places at the 12-hour European Championship as well as the World Championship 2015 and at the 12-hour European Championship 2016. I hope to be able to repeat these successes in 2017.

Yours, Vani

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