My name is Tizi Krakher and I am looking forward to being a part of the Maloja family. I am from Austria but ever since I found my travel partner, we’re never home. Whether we are by bus, bicycle, or on foot, we always go back to the mountains. They are our home and they mean freedom. They are the freedom to build a bed under the stars or to look out the car window at a new landscape everyday.
I feel like sometimes we all need to break out of our comfort zones and enjoy life in the rain. Then you learn to love the cozy and warm protection of your tent, and the warmth of your daily cup of coffee. You better appreciate the proximity of a loved one.
Everywhere we’ve been and who we’ve met is what has shaped us. We like to remember all those special moments with all the special people. There’s nothing better than getting out there and moving and then coming home again happy and free in the mountains. I encourage you all to go out and run and to enjoy a happy life!

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