Hey there,
My name is Seppi, I come from Rosenheim, Germany. I finished school in July 2007 and I am now on my way to becoming a professional landscape gardener.
In December 2007, I began practicing ski mountaineering on a competitive level. It takes a lot of endurance and technical skills for both the ascent and the drive down. The main goal is to cross that line at the end. You have to tackle the mountain as fast as you possibly can. I really enjoy the risky downhill maneuvers that you have to perform in the dreamy, winter mountain landscape. If you react quickly, and you can adjust your style with speed and precision, it’s all pure fun.
I got into competitive ski mountaineering because of my friends. They suggested that I try mountain sports because of my excellent endurance. It was clear to me that it had to be skiing and climbing, because that’s where my potential lies. In my first contests, I reached a fairly high ranking. This was just proof to me that I had chosen the right sports.
Unfortunately, ski-climbing is only possible between December and April, so the summer months are dedicated to training. I go mountain biking, running and climbing. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all my great sponsors. I would like to thank Maloja for their excellent cooperation. Thank you!
Take care!

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