I spent my childhood in the backwoods of Northern Ontario with two crazy brothers and adventuresome parents. Together we explored a variety of recreational sports, and continually pushed our skills to match our ambitions.
After high school, I moved to Western Canada to attend University where I was able to ski 75 days each winter while attending school. I lived in a camper on weekends and holidays for five years while skiing Fernie Mt. and the BC Kootenays. During that time, my passion for skiing grew, as did my skills and experience. I began working with photographers, whose photos of my skiing were published in magazines. Fernie held its innagural ‘big mountain freeski’ contest in 2002, in which I placed 1st and received sponsorships from a variety of companies.
Once I had earned a degree in kinesiology and another in education I taught high school physical education classes for a year before I moved to Whistler to ski full time and teach high school part-time. Since 2004, I have been using snowmobiles, chairlifts, helicopters, snowcats, and hiking to access ski lines, while working with photographers and filmers to chronicle my adventures. Much of my skiing has been via snowmobile in BC’s Coast Range, but I have ventured to a variety of heli and cat operations around North America, and have hiked to ski mountains in Bolivia and Alaska.
I currently live in the beautiful village of Pemberton BC with my wife and two young sons, where I am able to ski the surrounding backcountry with family, friends and industry professionals.

I recently began a ski, snowboard & Mt. bike academy that operates out of Pemberton Secondary School. The ‘SBBA’ students and I are on the slopes twice a week, as students learn the skills and gain certifications to move into the workforce of the ski and snowboard industry. Halfway through the semester, we will transition into Mt. biking and follow a similar model.
In addition to skiing professionally, teaching full time, being a dad and husband, I enjoy white-water kayaking, big-game hunting, mountain biking, and driving jet boat tours up and down a class III white water river in the Pemberton valley. To balance my fast paced life, I enjoy travelling to Central America to surf and relax on the beach.

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