Hi there,

My name is Armin and I come from the heart of Austria. More specifically, Pürgg, which is in the state of Styria. The mountains completely surround you. We have a few forests and alpine lakes, but mostly just a vast mountain range. The perfect playground if you like to spend time in nature.

In Austria, skiing is a big part of our culture. At a very young age you learn how to ski, and then begin racing. My life was the same, I learned and I raced, but unfortunately my racing career came to an end because of injuries.

Now I just love to ride my board in the great outdoors with a big smile on my face and to carve through the deep snow. What does carving in deep snow mean to me? It’s about having the best time with friends, enjoying nature and all the unforgettable moments. Those moments that you look back on and just think about how lucky we are. I love nature no matter what time of year it is. When the snow has melted, you can still find me in the mountains or by the lake. Where there is no such thing as stress.

For me Maloja is not just a brand, it’s an attitude. It is something spiritual, a big family. I am incredibly proud to be able to spread the spirit of Maloja into the world and to be a part of this great family.

Have fun out in the world and enjoy being your!

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