Flagship Store Munich

Amalienstraße 67
80799 Munich
Phone +49 (0)89 28 755 955

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 10:45 - 19:00
Saturday: 10:45 - 18:00
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We have given full power. At least three days long. And we are proud to say: It was worth all the effort. Our Maloja store in Munich at the Amalienstraße has been given a new look. A special one.
We need colour. This was clear, as we decided - quite impulsive - to change the Maloja store in Munich a little bit. Where before mainly white was combined to a black ceiling, will now be colours like root, sahara, breeze or treehouse. Colours which represent the actual Mount Ten collection theme.
But they will take full effect in combination with the new presentation concept. This also has changed at least. The clothes are not sorted by colours anymore, but now clearly arranged to subjects. Mountain bike, freeride, road bike, mountaineering, streetwear – everybody will quickly find his personal styles. Shortly pay attention to the huge chandelier made of handlebars and wheel rims.
To give the store a new look after six years existence, a huge Maloja team was involved. Painter Guggi, carpenter Toni, the store team and the creative department from Bach achieved hard labor in order to keep the strong time schedule until the reopening on Friday. One of the helpers had a big performance: Alix, daughter of our product designer Anne-Sophie. She has celebrated her 8th birthday at the last of the three working days. And then there was not only cake, but Alix also was allowed to be active creatively. She helped her mother and product designer Anne-Sophie to create the walls with chalk, where collection graphics sketched on for example.

We haven’t messed up the whole store concept of course. There is still our cosy sitting corner which welcomes you to have a chat and relax. And everyone will get coffee and drinks at the bar furthermore. And by the way: The rebuilding was celebrated with sausages, rolls and beer in the backyard … and with many Maloja friends.

We are looking forward to your visit in our store!

Britta Harms